The story behind strong Apple & Honey Cyser

Apple & Honey cyser is the newest addition to Lepola mead range. This mead is sweet with ripe fruit flavours. It has been made from 2019 apples and has matured for two years to reach the smoothness and amazing fruity flavour. We have used 100% local honey and local fresh pressed apple juice, and matured some of the time on Finnish oak.

Sweet mead, made with apples and honey, no added sugar or water. Just apple and honey! Alc. 10% vol.


Where did you get the idea for Apple & Honey Cyser?

“I suppose it started out with me looking for different ways of using the leftover honey from beekeeping. After collecting the honey I was left with some “dirty” honey, which is just a mix of honey and beeswax. It was with these leftovers I started to make different experiments. Pressing the apples and spinning the last honey of the year usually happens around the same time so, it seems logical to blend them together.“

What is Cyser?

“Simply put Cyser is mead made with apple juice instead of water. Its a hybrid of apple cider and mead. Technically it’s a form of melomel, which is a more generic term for the combination of honey with fruit. But, because it’s so popular it gets its own category”

How long has this Cyser matured?

“The maturation was totally 24 months. On the oak it has been matured for 6 months.”

Why Finnish oak?

“The oak comes from Lepola’s backyard oak tree that is close to 100 years old. In one storm we had broken branches so we decided to dry them to use for oak ageing.
I only wanted a subtle oak taste so, after drying the oak for a year it was added to the Cyser for a short period of time.”

Did something unexpected happen while making this mead?

“After the fermentation was completed after about 9 weeks, it’s flavour characteristics were so sharp, that I thought it would definitely need to be aged. I was only happy with the Cyser after 2 years in the tank.“

What apple varieties were used in this Cyser?

“I don’t remember exactly, and I haven’t written it down as it was collection of leftover apples. It was later in the apple season so it was a mix of winter apple varieties.“

Which food would you pair this cider with?

“Apple & Honey Cyser pairs well with different cheeses or with cheesy salad. Try this mead with salty and creamy blue cheese or with matured cheddar on a biscuit. As a sweet wine it also goes with spicy foods, and various desserts. For example with cheese cake topped with fresh berries. You can also enjoy this mead warm like mulled wine!”


Cheers, Emmi & Aaron