The story of Snake Bite

Snake Bite is cider+beer hybrid sometimes flavoured with blackcurrant cordial. Originated in the UK. In Lepola version of Snake Bite we have used Finnish apples to make the cider, Ale style beer with Galaxy hops, and flavoured with Finnish blackcurrant juice.

Snake Bite 5,0% vol.


Where did you get the idea for Snake Bite?

“In my early twenties I lived in London for a year. In the UK Snakebite is quite common pub drink for guys and girls that is made to order. I have never been a big beer drinker and often the draft ciders where a bit too sweet. Snake bite was a great option for a drink, not too sweet, not too dry.“


Why blackcurrant juice?

“Finnish blackcurrant juice gives a nice acidity and freshness to the product, and also great colour! To the mixed beer and cider, the blackcurrant juice is often added in two dashes and this resembles the puncture wounds of the snake bite. ”


How long was the making process?

“We started making the product from the cider. Cider was made the usual Lepola style – from fresh pressed apple juice in the autumn, and matured for five months over winter. Beer making took around three weeks. We got some tips and advice for the beer process from the local Kyläpanimo brewmaster.”


Did something unexpected happen while making this product?

“I didn’t know how vigorously beer can ferment and that created a little mess in our factory!“


Why Galaxy hops?

“Galaxy is our favorite hops and of course the best hops comes from Australia! Galaxy gives tropical and fruity flavors. ”


What apple varieties were used in the cider of this product?

“Lobo, Raika, Discovery and Rubinola. ”

Which food would you pair this drink with?

“Tested to go really well with pizza and BBQ! ”


Cheers, Aaron