The story of Wasted Berry Cider

Wasted Berry cider is the newest addition to Lepola product range. This product was made to reuse and recycle the side stream from our production. This cider is a blend of cider from bottom of the barrels collected while moving cider from one tank to another, that would have gone to waste. Then the cider has been matured on the skins of pressed berry waste. We wanted to use the berry skins for something as they are packed full of aromatic compounds.

Dry cider, no added sugar or water. Just wasted fruits and berries! Alc. 6,2% vol.


Where did you get the idea for Wasted cider?

“When racking the cider the aim is to remove the clear cider off the lees without getting any in the final product. This leaves about 50-100 litres of lees and cider in the bottom of the tank. We got the idea for Wasted cider, because we basically wanted to limit our waste. Every batch has a little “wasted” cider that’s collected and matured on this fine lees. We had access to wasted berry skins and combining these thought like a great idea.“


How many different berries was used?

“We used six different berries and fruit in the maturation – cranberry, lingonberry, rhubarb, cherry, raspberry, and bilberry. And the base of this cider is apple. The apple cider was matured on the skins and seeds of these berries and fruits.”


How long has the Wasted cider matured?

“The maturation was totally 10 months. On the berry skins the maturation was four months of this time. The berry skins and seeds are full of aromatic compounds and the maturation gives the cider time to infuse the flavor.”


Did something unexpected happen while making this cider?

“It was a real challenge to get clear product from the berry soup that it was when maturing.“


Will this product be one hit wonder or is there going to be Wasted cider for every vintage?

“We have thought we will make this product a yearly thing, and there is going to be one Wasted cider of every vintage we make. Or at least every second year. We will see how the future treats us.”

Who has made the cool design for the label?

“The original design was made by our friend Joshua Prebble, check his other artwork here. The finishing touched were made by Suunnittelutoimisto Bakery. We wanted to make this label to be different from our other products because the product is quite different, and needs to stand out more to talk to the crowd.”


Which food would you pair this cider with?

“This cider would go perfectly with vegetarian, or prosciutto pizza. Tested with pizzas from Ravintola Terho! Recommended also to go with small bites of cheese and crackers, after sauna, or after work.”


Cheers, Emmi & Aaron