Cider Lepola style

We have a blog! Welcome to join us, the life of Lepola cider. How was Lepola created? How do we want to change the perception about cider? Why is this important to us? In our blog we will get a bit deeper into cider making and our philosophy.

What is Lepola?

Lepola is handcrafted cider, fresh soft drinks, traditional with a twist. Our ciders are handcrafted from fresh pressed local apple juice. Never from concentrate, never using artificial aromas, never from fruitwine, and never water added. We want to craft the fresh and crisp Finnish apples into cider that has fruity, wine-like characteristics.

Lepola is also our home. Our small farm is located in Perniö, Western Finland. Our production facilities are located only 200 metres from our front door. On our farm we do all the production from pressing to bottling.

Lepola’s number one priority is locality. Finnish ingredients and the liveliness of the Finnish countryside are our main principles. By using Finnish raw materials in our products we are showing respect to every Finnish farmer.


Another important factor for us is taste. In our way of thinking taste beats the methods. We are not fixed on one particular way of making cider if it doesn’t make a good end product. The most important ingredients in our cider is, of course, the apples. We want the apple taste to be real. We are not afraid to test new flavour variations either, and we are continuously searching new flavours to make a perfect match with the crisp Finnish apples.

The characteristics of our ciders are smooth, wine-like flavours with fresh green apple finish. We are eager to make our products to tickle the taste buds on a hot summer day, after sauna on the laituri*, or as a toast on a celebration day.

Our aim is to create a culture where cider can be seen as excellent companion with food. Medium dry, bubbly cider is a great choice for example with Asian flavours or a barbecue.


Hopefully! We have noticed the development in this direction. Good ciders are appreciated and people are interested in them. Now it’s time for cider makers to offer people the possibility to experience how the cider should really taste like.

Let’s craft it! -Emmi & Aaron

*Finland is full of lakes and summer cottages, and every lake cottage has a jetty – “laituri”.